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Taeyang's RISE Tour in Japan 2014: MC cuts, Making of, Q&A and Dance Selections **NEW** [NOTICE] You can watch "Run, BIGBANG Scout!" with English subs via HaruHaru_Mexico, TOPs_Fools or fybig-bang
TOP - "Tazza 2" Premium Fan Event in Japan [NOTICE] Our old Dailymotion & Facebook accounts are no longer available. We'll work on re-uploading when we have time.
BIGBANG's 2014-2015 X Dome Tour - Documentary 160503 GD posted a clip of our subbed video on his Instagram *o*
BIGBANG - MADE The Movie Recruiting Korean, Japanese, & Chinese translators
160806 BIGBANG's MADE Documentary Have questions? Ask away at our ask.fm account (or our Tumblr)!
160609 BIGBANG's Nongfu Spring Tea Pi CF Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, & Instagram!


We're going to be really strict about sharing our videos and download links now. We've been warned twice already from officials themselves, so we're being cautious. With so many other subbing sites and Asian drama sites being removed one by one because of copyrights, it's getting harder to share and upload subs for international fans. Using the forum will probably (& hopefully) be the only way to keep us alive. We all know most of you don't like going into forums and such, but we gotta do what's best for the videos.

  1. Do not take out/post/embed any of our streaming videos and download links out from this forum. That means do not post them on your websites/blogs/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Weibo/etc.
  2. Do not upload our subbed videos to your accounts, i.e. Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, any streaming site that exists on the Internet.

These rules are pretty damn easy to follow. If you break them, then you pretty much ruin the fun for every VIP out there and you will be banned from this forum.

"but SHARING IS CARING".. yes, it is.. that's why you share our forum URL link, not our streaming videos/download links. :)

If you know any VIPs out there & if they're looking for subbed BIGBANG videos, then just give them the forum URL link. Registration is free and no need to worry about having any specific amount of posts to get access to downloads. It's all available to you after we approve your account.

If you see anyone who breaks one of our rules, then please PM mizz_julie or sfuza14